Use this calculator to work out what you would save in sales commission by marketing your home with DIY and selling it yourself. Firstly, set the price of your home and an agent's rate of commission. Then, calculate your savings.

Enter your house value


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The average house sale in New Zealand in late 2015 was $450,000

* An approximation of your savings with DIY


    Traditional Model:

    DIY Model:

    DIY Marketing Package

    You choose a DIY marketing package and pay a set fee in advance for marketing. DIY manages all the tricky stuff for you, like creating professionally-designed print ads and signs, commissioning professional photography and sourcing council files. You remain in control and get to showcase your home for sale on your terms.

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    DIY Guides

    You work with a trained and licensed DIY Guide throughout the process.Your Guide will help you set a sales price, decide what sales method to use, advise you how to stage your home for sale and connect you with tradespeople who can complete jobs you can’t or don’t want to do yourself.

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