Negotiation tips for Sellers! (Part 1)

Negotiation tips for Private House Home Sellers

  Where do we start! I could write for days on this. Advising homeowners on how to strategise to achieve the best possible price has been my life since 2007. As much as I would like to jot down my first novel here or sit down with you for a cup of coffee and a… Read more »

Real estate sales model needs a shake-up

Real estate sales model needs a shake-up

  New Zealand real estate agents charge up to three times as much commission as those in Australia, the UK and US – and now those in Auckland earn up to $10,000 more for the same, or less, work as a decade ago. Is our commission model broken? Morgan Tait asks if one of the… Read more »

Hamilton real estate agency fined $1 million for price fixing

  A Hamilton real estate agency has been fined $1.05 million for price fixing and anti-competitive agreements. Online Realty, which operated under the Ray White banner, was one of 13 national and regional real estate agencies prosecuted by the Commerce Commission for in a case it launched in late 2015. This related to price fixing… Read more »