Sell your Own Home with a DIY Guide | DIY Home Sales

What is a DIY Guide?

The first thing you need to know is that a DIY Guide is not a real estate agent and does not earn commission on home sales. DIY allocates you a Guide who demystifies everything, stays in contact and supports you throughout the entire process of selling your own home.

The DIY Guide will explain the private house sales marketing package, payment terms and contract to you. On signing with DIY, the Guide will then research the local council and valuation files on your property, give you general advice about getting your home looking its best and help you source sub-contractors if necessary.

She or he will order professional photography, help you promote your sale over your own social media and give you tools so you can collate and manage your sales enquiries. If you choose a Premium marketing package, your Guide also spends time with you hosting an Open Day, greeting visitors, handing out brochures and helping to keep an eye on your property. Your Guide will never negotiate the sale – you, your legal adviser or an auctioneer will do that.

DIY not only has marketing expertise but also has access to excellent rates for advertising media, sign production and online services. Through your Guide’s connections, for an additional cost you can access tradesman services such as home staging, furniture removals, rubbish clearance, gardening, painting and others, or an auctioneer or legal adviser. Your DIY Guide thoroughly supports you in every aspect of selling your home privately.