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  • What is the success rate of private house sales?

    It is similar to that achieved by a real estate agent, and growing.

  • Do buyers like dealing with private sales?

    Buyers don’t dislike dealing with private home sellers – they’re just not familiar with the concept yet. Most buyers say they loved talking to the seller and got detailed and accurate information directly from sellers. DIY ensures sellers present their property in a familiar style and thoroughly professional manner so that both parties feel comfortable.

  • Does selling your home privately take up a lot of time?

    Selling your home will take time no matter what method you use. You’ll have to fix things, stage your home and keep it tidy to hold open days. Compared to what you could save on sales commission, the time commitment typically works out at an excellent hourly rate.

  • Can I sell privately without DIY?

    Of course you can – but why would you? DIY is a marketing company generating highly-professional promotions for private sellers of residential real estate. DIY marketing packages are creative, efficient and cost-effective, and you are unlikely to be able to source media deals, professional photography, signage and other services cheaper than the DIY team can with
    its extensive experience in the advertising, marketing, social media and print industries.

  • Are there any hidden fees or charges?

    No. The costs of DIYhomesales.nz services are transparent and payable in advance. The fundamental difference in our pricing structure is that there is no charge for sales commission.

  • How will using DIY save me money?

    You won’t pay sales commission on the sale of your property if you use the DIY marketing service and sell it yourself. If you sell through an agent, you will pay potentially thousands of dollars in commission as a percentage of the sale price, which is in addition to marketing costs, to the real estate agent and their branded franchise.
    If your property is correctly promoted, the buyer will find you, whether you use an agent or use DIY. Wouldn’t you rather have that sales commission in your own pocket?

  • Will my house listing be seen on TradeMe?

    Yes, TradeMe is New Zealand’s premier real estate listing website. This is where buyers look first.

  • How can DIY charge so much less?

    With the growing consumer demand for transparency and accountability in all things, and housing costs rising, buyers are increasingly uncomfortable with commission-based models so we have developed a process based on minimal costs to the seller. DIY is not a franchise, has minimal operational overheads and does not charge sales commission. DIY charges a set fee for professional marketing services at what we consider to be fair value for the benefits delivered to private sellers.

  • Is it risky to sell your house privately?

    Risk occurs when there is a lack of knowledge, experience and preparation, and fear of the unknown. DIY provides you with information and advice you need to enable you to make decisions about your property and its value. You will work with your own legal adviser, the same one you would use if you
    sold through an agent. Provided you always get documentation checked by your legal adviser before signing anything, there is no greater risk inherent in a private sale.

  • How do I cancel my sale?

    If you sell your property or would like to remove your advertisements and listings, instruct us in an email and we will advise you how to update the system with the property status i.e.: sold, withdrawn or under contract.

  • Will DIY negotiate the offers for me?

    No. You must either do that yourself or instruct your legal adviser to negotiate. Your DIY Guide will provide you with property sales information in your area so you can assess the quality of any offer. Alternatively, your DIY Guide can arrange an independent licensed auctioneer to auction your property so you don’t have to negotiate any offers at all, or you can use our independent negotiator service.

  • Isn’t selling privately too hard?

    You will have to check marketing materials; fix things; do the garden and keep everything tidy while your property is on the market. If you sell privately, in addition to the above you will also have to run open homes for an hour once a week for a few weeks; be hospitable and show visitors through your house; and negotiate the sale if you choose to. If that last really is too hard, DIY can direct you to a provider to negotiate for you. Easy as!